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  • Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

    Journal of  Basic & Applied Sciences is a peer reviewed, open access international scientific journal dedicated for rapid publication of high quality original research articles as well as review articles in major areas of basic and applied sciences. Earlier the journal was published as a regional publication but now the journal welcomes contributions from all around the globe. 

  • Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

    The Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences is a decade-old international, open-access, and peer-reviewed publication that contributes to advancing and disseminating knowledge in Pharmacy and Nutrition sciences. The primary objective of this journal is to focus on healing through appropriate and customized use of nourishment.

    The journal also covers the relationship between these fields to discover possible nutritional cures for various diseases. As curing is not restricted to only medication, we aim to explore other factors that support medicine. Thus, this publication is designed to support human well-being through the use of intriguing research and reciprocating it with researchers with similar interests.

    Publications in this journal include clinical studies, clinical case seminars, practice management issues, evidence-based publications, practice, policy, and other significant ideas related to Pharmacy and Nutrition.

    The journal desires to provide an educational platform for researchers to participate in research activities in pharmaceutical and nutritional sciences. We hope that JPANS could be a part of the noble cause of making global health and well-being knowledge widespread and accessible to improve quality of life.