Portico Science is working on different models. Open access model is one of them and the benefit of model is that the published research work is recognized on wider horizon because of free of subscription. Anyone from around the world can access the published article without any subscription. The readers of article can also download, print and redistribute without charges.Because of subscription free access authors are acknowledged globally in no time. Research work of an author who has chosen open access model will impact further research and publication.

Article processing charges will be paid from research budget of authors or by their supporting institutions in case of open access model. When any research article is made available for everyone without charging the readers,Article Processing Charges replace subscription charges but the Author will retain the copyrights of their work. Copyrights for work are released under the “Creative Commons Attribution License,” according to which anyone can use the research work without limitations, distribute it, and reproduce it but with the proper citation of original work. So there is no disgrace for the author of original research in case of open access model.

Since Portico Science is Open access publisher they do not charge any extra fees on top of journal processing charges. When authors submit their manuscript to Portico Science they will only be charged for the processing charges of peer-review and author will get acceptance for publishing. We declare there are no other extra charges for submission, pages and colors of the article. The fees to be paid following the acceptance of an article are indicated in the table below:

Manuscript Type APC
Research Article $99
Review Article $99
Letter Article $99