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Through this policy, we aim to enhance our relationship with the authors by protecting their work and adding more value to it by:
1. Editing the content using trained professionals and editors as well as managing the peer-review process.
2. Managing the subscription process.
3. Encouraging the scientific community by making the work of authors more accessible and maximizing readership by distributing their work worldwide in electronic and print formats.

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1. They are permitted to use the work for non-commercial purposes only.
2. They can also include the work in future meetings, presentations, thesis etc. provided there are not used to commercial purposes.
3. They can share their work (printed or digital copies) with the students, peers or colleagues for personal use or study purposes.
4. They are allowed to upload or post their pre-publication version on pre-print or personal websites but not without linking it to the definitive version on the Set Publishing website.