Fire Protection Services in Karachi Pages 176-183

Fire Protection Services in Karachi
Pages 176-183
Syed Shahid Ali


Published: 05 March 2015

Abstract: Public services are the active organs of governments facilitating people to a level of comfort. The provision of these services is an essential part for exercising power by a government. Fire protection is also one of the basic public services which plays a significant role in emergencies. Generally, their service brings a relief helping people to come out of a situation of panic and terror. Karachi is a mega city with a population of more than twenty million and about three million households have only twenty two firefighting station set ups, roughly one station to cater to the needs of one million people. This study is a critical evaluation of effectiveness of these services across the city. Slums and high rise structures in the city pose serious problems in the functioning of these services, besides which encroachments along roads, road conditions, lack of protection from law enforcing agencies, low level of awareness of people regarding fire incidence and finally lack of firefighting attributes and government support are the major problems.

Keywords: Firefighting services, city structure, buildings, road network, and people’s response.