Red Dry Wine Modulates Plasma Cholesterol Levels and Cardiac Enzymes in Humans – Pages 15-19

Red Dry Wine Modulates Plasma Cholesterol Levels and Cardiac Enzymes in Humans- Pages15-19
Rogério Corrêa Peres1, Rafael Hirata1, Samuel Rangel Claudio1, Taina Liz1, Tamires Corrêa da Silva1 and Daniel Araki Ribeiro2
1Health Department – Universidade Monte Serrat – UNIMONTE, R. Comendador Martins, 52, Vila Mathias, Santos-SP, CEP 11015-530, Brazil; 2Departamento de Patologia – Universidade Federal de São Paulo – UNIFESP. Av. Ana Costa, 95, Vila Mathias, Santos-SP, CEP: 11060-001, Brazil

Abstract: Several studies has pointed that red wine diet, rich in polyphenols, has several effects like vasodilation, possible antioxidant effect, decrease of cellular events of atherosclerosis, decrease of blood pressure, and reduction of cardiovascular risks. This paper proposes an investigation of the effects of a 21 days diet of 200 ml dialy of red dry wine for markers of muscle injury such as CK and CK-MB, besides cholesterol and its fractions, LDL and HDL, and triglycerides, in normal subjects.The results showeddecreased levels of plasma total cholesterol and LDLand a tendency to increased levels of HDL, what suggests red dry wine has effects on decrease cardiovascular risks. However, significant increase of cardiacCK-MB isoenzyme was observed what could point to increase the oxidation of muscle tissues. It can be concluded that, despite the CK-MB increase, red dry wine can be considered as a tool to decrease cardiovascular diseases risks.

Keywords: Red Wine, Polyphenols, Cholesterol, CK-MB enzyme, Cardiovascular risks.