Change of 2H/1H Ratio and Adaptive Potential in Living Systems under Formation of Isotope Gradient – Pages 8-13

Change of 2H/1H Ratio and Adaptive Potential in Living Systems under Formation of Isotope Gradient

Pages 8-13

S.S. Dzhimak1,2, L.V. Fedulova1, A.V. Moiseev3 and А.А. Basov2,4

1The V.M. Gorbatov Federal Research Center for Food Systems of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, 109316, st. Talalikhina 26, Russian Federation; 2Kuban State University, 350040, Krasnodar, st. Stavropolskaya 149, Russian Federation; 3Kuban State Agrarian University, Krasnodar, 350004, st. Kalinina 13, Russian Federation; 4Kuban State Medical University, Krasnodar, 350063, st. Sedina 4, Russian Federation


Abstract: This article presents data on ability of drinking water with depleted concentrations of deuterium (deuterim depleted water – DDW, δ2H = -762 ‰) to influence on the adaptive capacities and functional activity of rats organism during long period of DDW consumption. The obtained data confirms the favorable effect of reduced δ2H on hepatocytes of medium and shows significant (by 10%) increase of body weight among rats which consumed DDW for 3 weeks after birth. It is also shown that when rats consumed DDW, the non-uniform distribution of deuterium in the blood plasma and liver, kidney and heart tissues is observed. At the same time under natural conditions δ2H was significantly lower in blood plasma than in tissues of internal organs (δ2H plasma > δ2H of tissues of internal organs), whereas DDW consumption resulted in more significant decrease of δ2H level in blood plasma than in the internal organs, which phenomena was accompanied by change of direction of 2H/1H isotope gradient: δ2H of plasma < δ2H of tissue of internal organs. Stable change in direction of 2H/1H isotope gradient over 3 weeks is expressed by lower rate of weight gain in the first generation of rats. All these facts can be caused by influence of 2H/1H isotope gradient on long-term adaptation mechanisms, but not on short-term adaptation reactions. Decrease of δ2H in blood plasma and tissues of internal organs increases to a greater extent the resistance of an organism to influence of unfavorable environmental factors among future generations of rats consuming DDW for a long time.

Keywords: Deuterium, living systems, isotope, deuterium depleted water.