Indrajit Mukhopadhyay – Profile

In recent years, the development of new materials in the form of photoactive nonstoichiometric semiconducting binary or ternary oxide, chalcogenides, nitrides, phosphides, efficient for harvesting solar energy and highly active electrode material for Li ion battery are of special interest. Thin film conducting polymer and carbon materials are also considered for the same purpose.  In order to reduce the cost of energy conversion by SPV, thin film Si solar cell has been proposed to be a very attractive option.  Primary area of current research is on the physical / electrochemical deposition of Si and Ge thin films on different substrates and their complete structural characterization. Since Si and Ge are also very promising negative electrode material for high capacity Li ion battery, focus has been given at the Li ion intercalation/insertion properties of the fabricated films.  The important broad area which has been focused is on the electron transfer process at the solid (semiconductor)/electrolyte interface such as in photo electrochemical solar energy conversion and solar hydrogen generation.