Thermal Transformation of Indigenous Diaspore


 Diaspore, Corundum, TGA, XRD.

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Muhammad Ashraf Kamal, Syed Mumtaz Danish Naqvi, Syed Mohib Raza Kazmi, Kashif Riaz, & Shaikh Mohiuddin. (2015). Thermal Transformation of Indigenous Diaspore. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 11, 143–145.


Indigenous diaspore is a high density hard mineral. It becomes harder on heating up to 550oC. The dispore has been characterized thermally by thermal gravimetric analysis and x-ray diffraction. Results show that the indigenous mineral increases its density after heating at various temperatures for 1 hour. Increase in density points out the increase in hardness due to the formation of a more crystalline compact material corundum using as abrasive.


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