Agriculture and Climate Change: Perceptions of Provincial Officials in Vietnam


 Climate change, perception, adaptation, agriculture, Vietnam, National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change.

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Son Tran Van, William Bill Boyd, Peter Slavich, & Trinh Mai Van. (2015). Agriculture and Climate Change: Perceptions of Provincial Officials in Vietnam. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 11, 487–500.


Climate change is expected to have serious impacts on developing countries, including Vietnam. The central government of Vietnam has launched programs to study climate change trends and impacts on natural resources, environment and socio-economic development, and adaptation strategies. These programs have the active involvement of many ministries, sectors, research institutions and local governments. This paper addresses theperceptions of provincial officers in Vietnam regarding climate change, its impacts on agricultural activities, and adaptation options. It examines the current knowledge and understanding capacity of provincial officials in implementing the National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change, and the Action Plan to Response to Climate Change of the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector. The results from the study provide insight into the perceptions on climate change and climate change adaptation measures held by Vietnamese government officials working in environmental and agricultural sectors. The survey data indicate that Vietnamese government officials are aware of climate change and its potential impacts, but have relatively poor understanding of some aspects, given the key role of government officials in implementing Vietnamese adaptation policies and mitigation measures. These new findings are important to Vietnamese and international organizations involved in assisting agricultural research and extension agencies with identifying and implementing strategies to adapt Vietnamese farming systems to a changing climate.


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