Occurrence of Gardiner’s Butterfly Fish, Chaetodon gardineri (Norman, 1939), (Chaetodontidae) in Coastal Waters of Pakistan


 Chaetodon gardineri, morphometrics, Arabian Sea, Karachi.

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Sumera Farooq, Asadullah Ali Muhammad, Abdul Hameed, & Mahnaz Rabbaniha. (2017). Occurrence of Gardiner’s Butterfly Fish, Chaetodon gardineri (Norman, 1939), (Chaetodontidae) in Coastal Waters of Pakistan. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 13, 182–184. https://doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2017.13.31


This study is the first report on the occurrence of Chaetodon gardineri in the coastal waters of Pakistan. The detail description of morphometric and meristiccharacters of C. gardineri was presented in this paper.



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