Analysis of Variability of Atmospheric Pollutants in Ambient Air of Metropolitan City Karachi, and Environmental Sustainability


 Sustainable Environment, Air Pollution, time series analysis, environmental pollutant, traffic emissions.

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Bulbul Jan, Syed Ghayasuddin, Muhammad Arif Hussain, M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai, Muhammad Ali, & Faisal Nawaz. (2017). Analysis of Variability of Atmospheric Pollutants in Ambient Air of Metropolitan City Karachi, and Environmental Sustainability. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 13, 311–315.


It is well known that, air pollution is a composite phenomenon and intense air pollution events are governed by huge number of consistent factors. In this study, we considered the pollutant parameter (NO2, NO, NOx and CO) concentrations and were measured simultaneously during the period 21/11/2009 to 27/02/2010 in city of Karachi. The estimations were carried out to study the variability of pollutant emissions. Time Series analysis confirms the existence of variation in pollutant with mean daily concentration and the results suggest that the concentrations of pollutant over the interval are slowly declined. The relationships NO2 with NOx, NO with NOx and NO2 vs. CO were modeled with linear regression. The results of the linear regression detected underlying strong relationships among pollutant variables. The application of the regression approach confirmed that the NO2 strongly correlated with other paired pollutants. The study will be helpful to the policy makers to control air pollution and the sustainable environment. It also needs to extend this research to study the nonlinear behavior of atmospheric pollutants in perspective of fractal dimension.


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