A Comparative Kinetic Study of Free and Immobilized Urease on Commercial and Glutaraldehyde Activated Cotton


 Urease, cotton, immobilization, glutaraldehyde, hydrolysis.

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M.M. Yousaf, & Umer Nasar. (2017). A Comparative Kinetic Study of Free and Immobilized Urease on Commercial and Glutaraldehyde Activated Cotton. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 13, 321–325. https://doi.org/10.6000/1927-5129.2017.13.53


Urease was immobilized on commercial cotton and commercial cotton activated with glutaraldehyde. The kinetic of urea hydrolysis by free and immobilized urease was studied as a function of pH, temperature and time of hydrolysis. High concentration of ammonia was released at pH 10.0 for free enzyme (0.097 mg/mL) and urease immobilized on cotton (0.092 mg/mL) and pH 4.0 for enzyme, immobilized on activated commercial cotton (0.083 mg/mL). High concentration of ammonia was released at 30 °C for free enzyme (0.006 mg/mL), 25 °C for urease immobilized on cotton (0.043 mg/mL) and urease immobilized on cotton activated with glutaraldehyde (0.015 mg/mL). High concentration of ammonia was released after 10 minutes for free enzyme (0.0016 mg/mL), 60 minutes for inactivated (0.043 mg/mL) and for activated cotton (0.015 mg/ml). The result show that immobilized urease is less effective than the free enzyme and is more active in acid medium than the basic medium.



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