Description of an Experimental Method to Measure the CO2 Loading in Monoethanomine Solutions using BaCO3 Titration Technique


Carbon dioxide solubility
CO2 loading
titration/volumetric analysis
laboratory instruction

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Díaz-Herrera, P. R. ., Zavala-Guzmán, A. M. ., & Mazur-Czerwiec, Z. . (2022). Description of an Experimental Method to Measure the CO2 Loading in Monoethanomine Solutions using BaCO3 Titration Technique. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 18, 1–7.


One of the main criteria for the selection of a suitable solvent is the CO2 solubility capacity or CO2 loading. The objective of this work is to provide students and early-career scientists a detailed description of a titration-based experiment to measure the CO2 loading using simple and inexpensive volumetric and gravimetric lab apparatus. The performance of the method is corroborated by comparing the experimental uncertainty obtained during the determination of the CO2 concentration in test samples (in an absorption unit at lab scale) with reference values obtained by mass balance based on a certified gas analyser. The results indicate that CO2 loading values between the experimental method and the reference range from ±3 to 13%, which is in good agreement with other similar methods.


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