Statistical Analysis of Advertisement on women’s buying behavior in Karachi (Ranging from 16 to 40)


Television advertising
buying behavior
women consumer
buying decision
Celebrity Endorsement
Quality of Product
Buying intention
Pre and Post behavior
Mass Communication

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Shafiq, M. O., Iqbal, N., Khan, K., & Saleem, S. (2017). Statistical Analysis of Advertisement on women’s buying behavior in Karachi (Ranging from 16 to 40). Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 13, 681–685.


The aim of study is to determine the level of influence on women’s behavior by television advertisement. The research is designed for the women’s between 16 to 40 years age. Study is based on quantitative research method; survey is used to collect the data. Participants answered number of questions from questionnaire which is based on the influence of TV advertisement on buying decisions among women.

The study explores that a creative and well executed advertisement has always a great impact on the buying trends or purchasing behaviors of the consumers. At the same time quality of the product and price is also included with their strong impact on buying behavior of consumer. Likewise to some extent the celebrity endorsement also matters in the buying behavior. Therefore the study concludes that the positive impact of all these factors, on the buying behavior of the consumer proves the loyalty of consumer towards brand which helps in promotion of the advertised product and changes the buying behavior towards buying intentions.


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