A Review on the Mechanical Behavior of Size-Dependent Beams and Plates using the Nonlocal Strain-Gradient Model


Nonlocal strain-gradient continuum mechanics model
Mechanical loadings

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Jorshari, T. D., & Roudbari, M. A. (2021). A Review on the Mechanical Behavior of Size-Dependent Beams and Plates using the Nonlocal Strain-Gradient Model. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 17, 184–193. https://doi.org/10.29169/1927-5129.2021.17.18


Nowadays, the mechanical characteristics of micro-/nano-structures in the various types of engineering disciplines are considered as remarkable criteria which may restrict the performance of small-scale structures in the reality for a certain application. This paper deals with a comprehensive review pertinent to using the nonlocal strain-gradient continuum mechanics model of size-dependent micro-/nano-beams/-plates. According to the non-classical features of materials, using size-dependent continuum mechanics theories is mandatory to investigate accurately the mechanical characteristics of the micro-/nano-structures. Recently, the number of researches related to the analysis of micro-/nano-structures with various geometry including beams as well as plates is considerable. In this regard, the mechanical behavior of these structures induced by different loadings such as vibration, wave propagation, and buckling behavior associated with the nonlocal strain-gradient continuum mechanics model is presented in this review work. Proposing the most valuable literature pertinent to the nonlocal strain-gradient continuum mechanics theory of micro-/nano-beams/plates is the main objective of this detailed survey.



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