Biologically Structured Water (BSW) - A Review (Part 3): Structured Water (SW) Generation, BSW Water, Bioenergetics, Consciousness and Coherence


Hydroxylated water
Structured water
Quantum biology
Bioenergetics Brain Waves
Schuman Resonance

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Ramsey, C. L. (2023). Biologically Structured Water (BSW) - A Review (Part 3): Structured Water (SW) Generation, BSW Water, Bioenergetics, Consciousness and Coherence. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 19, 230–248.


Natural water sources become partially structured when exposed to cold temperatures, aeration, and sunlight in high mountain streams or kosmotropic ions. Drinking water devices that make structured water utilize methods such as resonance, vortex designs, and static magnets to alter H-bond configurations in liquid water. Other methods, such as the Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) or vortexing, utilize energy or mechanical methods that are strong enough to break the covalent bonds in liquid water. After water splits into hydronium ions (H30+) and hydroxyl radicals (OH), these molecular species rapidly reform back into SW water with stable H-bonds. Several companies offer AOP water generators for the remediation of wastewater, industrial water treatment, hydroponic, and agricultural uses. Other companies offer vortex generators for SW drinking water for households and institutions. The final section summarizes the interconnectivity and synchronization between BSW water, bioenergetics, consciousness, and quantum coherence. The continuous layer of BSW water within all cells and covering all biological membranes allows it to capture, store, resonate, amplify, and transmit a wide spectrum of EMF energy that forms the basis of bioenergetics. Application of quantum biology principles to BSW water opens promising research fields potent with solutions to enhance human health and longevity. Other SW and BSW water research areas potentially include environmental and wastewater treatment, medical treatments for age-related diseases, energy generation, and possibly even manipulation of rainfall patterns.


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