Structure Property and Performance of Polymeric Foams: A Review


Polyurethane foams
cell nucleating
cell morphology
polymer physics
flexible foams

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Boumdouha, N., Duchet-Rumeau, J., & Gerard, J.-F. (2024). Structure Property and Performance of Polymeric Foams: A Review. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 20, 1–22. Retrieved from


This work covered essential technological progress in all the aspects of polyurethane foam growth, including cell nucleation and stability. The work also included developing an understanding of controlling cell morphology, size, and shape and improving closed and open-cell content. This necessitated a grasp of the character of surfactant catalysts, which also helps control the development of polyurethane foams. Learn the fundamentals of polymer physics and materials science to understand how the viscosity of polymeric matter impacts the most recent performance attributes of various flexible foams, including high elasticity, flex sheet stock, and viscoelasticity.



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