Radiolysis of Commercial Dyes in Aqueous Solutions to Produce Dosimeters for Gamma Dosimetry


 Chemical dosimeters, SR C4BLN, SGY CRL, dosimetry, Absorbance%, %age discoloration

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Taqmeem Hussain, Muhammad Yousuf Hussain, Muhammad Shahbaz, Inam-ul-Haq, Hashim Farooq, & Shaukat Ali. (2012). Radiolysis of Commercial Dyes in Aqueous Solutions to Produce Dosimeters for Gamma Dosimetry. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 8(2), 315–318.


The usability of aqueous solutions of SR C4BLN and SGY CRL dyes; as secondary dosimeter was confirmed. All samples were irradiated by Co60 γ-source in the range 0-105Gy. Absorbance of solutions was noted at λmax for pre and post irradiation stages. The λmax of Red and Yellow dyes were 545nm and 448nm respectively. The absorbance% and the %discoloration of each dye were determined. Sample solutions showed a gradual decrease in Absorbance% and increase in %age discoloration versus absorbed doses.


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