Comparative Toxic Effects of Methamidophos and Cypermethrin on Cholinesterase Enzyme of Callosobruchus analis


  • Nighat Gul University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • M. Farhanullah Khan University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • Afaq Ahmad Siddiqui University of Karachi, Pakistan
  • M. Arshad Azmi University of Karachi, Pakistan



 Toxicity, Cholinesterase, Callosobruchus analis, Methamidophos and Cypermethrin


In the present study the cholinesterase inhibition was observed as 65% and 12, for methamidophos and cypermethrin,respectively. LC50 values were found as 16 and 2.2, g/cm2 for methamidophos, cypermethrin, respectively against Callosobruchus analis by the filter paper impregnation method after 24 hours of treatment. The order of efficacy was found as cypermethrin >methamidophos.


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Nighat Gul, M. Farhanullah Khan, Afaq Ahmad Siddiqui, & M. Arshad Azmi. (2012). Comparative Toxic Effects of Methamidophos and Cypermethrin on Cholinesterase Enzyme of Callosobruchus analis. Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences, 8(2), 416–420.