Call for Paper: Polypharmacy & Nutritional Status in the Elderly


Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to annouce the Call for Paper for a Special Issue on "Polypharmacy & Nutritional Status in the Elderly".

About the Special Issue:

Guest Editors:

Dr. Luca Soraci
Unit of Geriatric Medicine, Italian National Research Center on Aging (IRCCS INRCA), 87100 Cosenza, Italy. Email:

Dr. Giuseppe Lorello
Internal Medicine Unit, G. Martino Polyclinic, Messina, 98122, Italy.

Aims and Scope:

Polypharmacy is known as the concurrent use of five or more medications. As older individuals are particularly prone to develop drug-induced nutritional problems, polypharmacy may increase the risk of developing a poor dietary status by causing loss of appetite as well as gastrointestinal and cognitive complaints.

Recent studies have shown an association between an increasing number of medications and malnutrition. Additionally, deficiencies of specific macro- and micronutrients such as vitamins, fiber, and glucose are more common in older patients treated with a high number of drugs.

As some diseases promote malnutrition, the independent role of polypharmacy on nutritional status in the elderly needs to be better investigated.

I am pleased to invite you to contribute original research articles, reviews, case reports, and brief reports to explore the relationship between Polypharmacy and Nutritional Status in the Elderly. I trust this opportunity will be of extraordinary interest, and I look forward to your active participation.

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Prof. Marcello Iriti
Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences
Milan State University, Milan, Italy

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