General FAQs

Assuming a paper will be accepted for publication, how long does it take for an article to be published?

The complete publication of a paper may take from 4-8 weeks. The time taken depends mostly on the time taken by referees for the evaluation of the papers. Sometimes the publication may be delayed if the author is out of office. Please check the publication Cycle for better understanding of the whole process here.

Does the journal have Impact Factor?

No, the Journal does not currently have Impact Factor.

What are the types of articles published in the Journal?

Original Research Articles, Review Articles, Mini Review Articles, Case Study, Thematic Issues, Special Issue, Conference Articles.

Does the Journal have any Article Processing Charges?

Yes, the APC is US$ 630. Please read details regarding the Article Processing Charges here.

How do I pay the Article Processing fee?

The author will receive the invoice of the Article Processing Charges following the acceptance of the manuscript. The payment can be very conveniently be made through Credit Card, Bank Transfer or Western Union.