Publication Process

From submission to publication, the entire publication process is carried out online. Our team tries to process each article in the shortest possible time without compromising on the publication standards.  The total publication time is between 7 to 10 weeks.

The workflow is divided into four stages:

1)         Submission

2)         Review

3)         Copyediting

4)         Production

Submission (duration; 2-4 days)

This stage is the screening or initial evaluation of a new submission. A Section Editor is assigned, who checks the article with the Co-Editor in Chief. Papers are not accepted, but those rejected may lack originality, have severe scientific shortcomings, or be out of the journal's scope.

Review (duration; 45-60 days)

All articles undergo double-blind peer review. The Section Editor identifies and invites at least three referees who are experts in the field of the article to conduct the peer review. Referees are not given access to the submission unless they accept the invitation. Other experts replace referees who decline the invitation.

Referees are asked to evaluate the following aspects of the manuscript:

  1. Originality and methodology.
  2. Adherence to the ethical guidelines.
  3. Presentation of results and conclusions.
  4. Correct references of any previous relevant work that might have been cited in the manuscript.

In case the reports by the referees contradict each other, help from a third expert will be sought.

After the review reports are received, the editor decides if the article:


The Editor approved them. No significant changes or further modifications are required. The article will be published after copy editing and production.


The Editor does not approve it. The article is rendered unfit for publication.

Revision needed

The article will be sent back to the author for making the suggested and required amendments. The initial reviewers will recheck the revised paper as the second round of review, after which it may be accepted or rejected by the author.

The Section Editor again decides if the revised version is acceptable, if further correction is required or if another round of peer review is required.

The Section Editor and Co-Editor in Chief take the final decision regarding the article. The author is sent the letter for acceptance if the article is accepted. 

The duration of this stage depends on the referees' availability and how long the author takes to revise the article.  

Copyediting (duration: 5-7 days)

Our copyeditor proofreads the article. The structure, language, and grammar are checked in this stage. Corrections are suggested, and the authors are requested to revise the paper.

Production (duration: 5-7 days)

Production is the final stage of publication; the production editor composes the article in the layout format of the journal. The galley proofs are sent to the author for approval. Once the authors are satisfied, the galley proofs are sent for publication.

The article is published online, and the authors are informed of the publication by the Section Editor.