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Paolo Di Sia is currently Adjunct Professor by the University of Padova (Italy), (already Adj. Prof. by the Universities of Verona, Mantova, Bolzano and Visiting Professor by the “National Center for Theoretical Sciences”, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan ROC) and Head of the “Primordial Dynamic Space” Research in Verona (Italy).

He got a Bachelor in Metaphysics, a Master in Theoretical Physics and three PhDs (Mathematics, Theoretical Physics applied to Nanotechnology, Philosophy of Science).

His scientific interests span transdisciplinary physics, classical and quantum-relativistic nanophysics, nano-biotechnology, nano-neuroscience, theories of everything, foundations of physics, history and philosophy of science.

He is author of more than 300 works to date (papers on national and international journals, book’s chapters, books, inner academic works, works on scientific web-pages, popular papers), is reviewer of some academic books, editor of some international academic books, reviewer of many international journals.

He obtained several international awards, is member of many Scientific Societies and International Advisory/Editorial Boards.

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Verona (Italy), October 26, 2022