Portico Journal of Chemistry

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Portico J. Chem.

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Aims and Scope:

Portico Science is working in domain of Chemistry with consideration of all aspects of fundamental and applied chemistry. Our Scope of the work invites all discipline of Chemistry research in both theoretical and experimental study.

Subject areas include (but not limited to):

We are working in the field of chemistry without the limitations related to specific area of subject. Below are the following areas we are already working but new ideas with diversified subject in the field are also welcome.

Organic Chemistry: is one of the known and deep areas with the study of synthesis, study of organic compound, study of characterization and study of organic reactions and their mechanism.

Inorganic Chemistry: deals with the study of transition metal, f-block Compounds, organo-metallic, solid state chemistry and coordination.

Analytical Chemistry: The area of study deals in methods, techniques and instrumentation used under the subject of Chemistry.

Material Chemistry: the detail study of hard to soft matter, from the nano-scale upward

Nuclear and Radioactive: A study of radioactivity and nuclear system

Physical and Chemical Chemistry: deals with the physical and chemical properties in the field

Biochemistry: is the subject dealing with medicinal chemistry, biosynthesis and chemical biology

Environmental Chemistry: is dealing with Ecological, green, and environmental chemistry

Theoretical and computational chemistry: dealing in the area of theory and computation.

We are not only specific to the above mentioned areas but we deal with new ideas in the field of chemistry. We are willing to accept research articles beyond the traditional subject areas. We have focus of accepting industry specific research like agriculture food and petroleum.

We are working for the development of the area of chemistry and we review articles in consideration of state of art, new trends and suggest for future improvements.