Publish with Portico Science

We believe in transparent terms and we provide clear guidelines to authors regarding the requirements. Our models are quite up to-date for fulfilling the publishing standards and meeting the requirements of author’s need.

We are providing the facility of Hybrid Open Access publishing by promoting conventional publishing and Open Access Publishing. In Conventional Publishing pay to view and subscription based models falls whereas in Open Access Publishing free to view model lies.

We are pleased to keep our authors on long term basis so we provide them support for post publishing process and the relation of an author with our company is always supposed to be a long lasting relationship.

When an author chooses Pay to View/Subscription based publishing model they are free from worries of publishing cost. The research papers and journals remain subscription based unless the author chooses the option of Open Access for them. But Open Access is more helpful for attaining international recognition by making research work visible to everyone.

When publishing with us you get:

  • Dedicated Personal Assistance for your work
  • Advanced and user friendly Automated Submissions & Tracking System
  • Professional Review Process For your Journals and Research papers
  • International recognition far above the standards
  • Excellent Publications