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Giulio Tarro
Temple University, Philadelphia, USA

Effect of Potassium Chloride on Seed Germination and Early Growth of Three Rape Seed Varieties – Pages 186-190
Shakeela Bano Solangi,Zeeshan Ahmed Solangi, Afshan Bano Solangi, Shabana Memon, Jameel Ahmed Solangiand Sadaf Memon

Detecting Intraspecific Character Displacement by Morphological Markers in Riverine-Dwelling Invertebrate Larvae: The Case Study of Head Shape Variability in Leuctra fusca (Plecoptera: Leuctridae) – Pages 317-320
Raffaella Bravi, Lorenzo Traversetti and Massimiliano Scalici

Production and Partial Purification of Amylase By Aspergillus niger Isolated from Cassava Peel – Pages 287-291
A.K. Lawal, A.M. Banjoko, S.O. Olatope, F.A. Alebiosu, F.A. Orji, Y.L. Suberu, E.E. Itoandon, K.A. Shittu, O.D. Adelaja, E. Ojo, E.N. Dike and G.N. Elemo

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