Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

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Volume 10, No. 3, May 2020

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General Articles:

Impact of Dietary Patterns and Nutritional Status on the Academic Performance of Omani School Students – Pages 74-87
Laila S. Al-Saadi, Amanat Ali, Mostafa I. Waly and K.M. Al-Zuhaibi

Detecting Biogenic Amines in Food and Drug Plants with HPLC: Medical and Nutritional Implications – Pages 88-91
Cao Boyang, Alexander V. Oleskin and Tatiana Vlasova

Estimation of Efficiency of Use of Dairy Products Enriched with Enter Sorbent Dietary Fibers on Immunophysiological Indicators of the Rat Organism – Pages 92-100
Ablaikhanova, Z. Yessimsiitova, U. Amzeyeva, A. Mukhitdinov, S. Mankibaeva, A. Zorbekova, S.N. Abdreshov, A. Kozhamzharova, A. Konysbayeva and S. Tuleukhanov

Parkia biglobosa (Mimosaceae): Botany, Uses, Phytochemical Properties and Pharmacological Potential – Pages 101-115
Collen Musara, Elizabeth Bosede Aladejana, Silas M. Mudyiwa and Charles Karavina

Issues of Type 2 Diabetes Disease Effective Treatment in Kazakhstan – Pages 116-122
N.T. Ablaikhanova, A.Y. Yessenbekova, Tazhiyeva Aigul, Z.B. Yessimsiitova, A.K. Saidakhmetova, A.E. Malibayeva, B.J. Sanbaeva and M. Molsadykkyzy