Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

Table of Contents
Volume 11, No. 1, Year 2021

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General Articles:

The Effect of Chronic Alcohol Intoxication on the Daily Rhythm of Some Micromorphometric Parameters of Rat Hepatocytes – Pages 1-12
Y.A. Kirillov, M.A. Kozlova, L.A. Makartseva, D.A. Areshidze, S.A. Kucher, I.A. Chernov and E.V. Shtemplevskaya

Kniphofia foliosa Hochst, (Asphodelaceae): Medicinal Uses, Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Properties – Pages 13-19
Elizabeth Bosede Aladejana and Collen Musara

Therapeutic Effectiveness of Cefoperazone for Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Associated Factors in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Vietnam – Pages 20-27
Cua Ngoc Le, Duong Trung Nguyen, Supreecha Kaewsawat, Charuai Suwangbamrung and Patthanasak Khammaneechan

The Implications of Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in Patients with Diabetes – Pages 28-32
Anne Misher, Chelsea A. Keedy, Mackenzi Lee Meier and Phillip Greenspan

Evaluation of Nutrients in Leaves and Seeds of Calotropis Procera (linn); a Multipurpose Plant – Pages 33-39
A.F. Ogundola, T.A. Yekeen, R.A. Arotayo, A.O. Akintola, A.O. Ibrahim, H.O. Adedosu and M.O. Bello

Gadolinium Orthovanadate GdVO4:Eu3+ Nanoparticles Ameliorate Carrageenan-Induced Intestinal Inflammation – Pages 40-48
Anton Tkachenko, Denys Pogozhykh, Anatolii Onishchenko, Valeriy Myasoedov, Leonid Podrigalo, Vladimir Klochkov, Tetyana Chumachenko, Volodymyr Prokopyuk, Svetlana Yefimova, Galina Gubina-Vakulyck, Nataliya Kavok, Dmytro Butov, Andrii Andrieiev, Hanna Polikarpova and Oksana Nakonechna

Impact of Biogenic Amines on the Growth of a Chlorella vulgaris Culture – Pages 49-53
Alexander V. Oleskin, Andrey L. Postnov and Cao Boyang

Effect of Electronic Cigarettes on Oral Microbial Flora – Pages 54-64
T.M. Popova, L.S. Kryvenko, O.V. Tishchenko, O.A. Nakonechna, L.V. Podrigalo, T.D. Nessonova and V.V. Gargin