Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences

Table of Contents
Volume 2 No.2, 2012

* This issue includes papers published with 

Mango Modulates Blood Glucose Similar to Rosiglitazone without Compromising Bone Parameters in Mice Fed High Fat Diet – Pages 115-126
Edralin A. Lucas, Angela Brown, Wenjia Li, Sandra K. Peterson, Yan Wang, Penny Perkins-Veazie, Stephen L. Clarke and Brenda J. Smith

Determination of Artepillin-C in Brazilian Propolis by HPLC with Photodiode Array Detector – Pages 127-131
Yasuhito Nobushi, Naoki Oikawa, Yuzo Okazaki, Shigetoshi Tsutsumi, Yong Kun Park, Masahiko Kurokawa and Ken Yasukawa

The Linares Addictive Potential Model – Pages 132-139
Oscar A. Linares

Evaluation of Supplementation of Ashgourd Fermented Beverage to Geriatric Population – Pages 140-147
C.S. Devaki and K.S. Premavalli

A Study on the Household Use of Iodised Salt in Sindh and Punjab Provinces, Pakistan: Implications for Policy Makers – Pages 148-154
Gul Nawaz Khan, Imtiaz Hussain, Sajid Bashir Soofi, Arjumand Rizvi and Zulfiqar A. Bhutta

Effect of Grape Seed Extract on Blood Pressure in Subjects with Pre-Hypertension
– Pages 155-159
Robinson, B. Lu, I. Edirisinghe and C.T. Kappagoda
Quercetin Enhances Endurance Capacity via Antioxidant Activity and Size of Muscle Fibre Type 1 – Pages 160-164
Leelayuwat, S. Laddawan, Y. Kanpetta, M. Benja, D. Wongpan, O. Tunkamnerdthai, J. Wattanathorn, S. Muchimapura and J. Yamauchi

Effect of Short Term Sibutramine Supplementation on Appetite Suppression and Related Metabolic Responses – Pages 165-171
Swati Jain, Saroj K. Verma, Vijay K. Singh and Som Nath Singh

Phytochemical Investigations and Nutritive Potential of Eight Selected Plants from Ghana
– Pages 172-177
Rita A. Dickson, Kofi Annan, Theophilus C. Fleischer, Isaac K. Amponsah, Kwabena Nsiah and J.A. Oteng

Assessment of Anti-Oxidant Potency of Small Chain Glycopeptides Using DPPH Free Radical Scavenging Assay – Pages 178-190
Kandasamy Nagarajan, Sneha Singh, Taleuzzaman, Sadaf J. Gilani and A. Mazumder