Journal of Basic & Applied Sciences

Table of Contents
Volume 8 No.2, 2012


Sustainable Agricultural Practices as Perceived by Farmers in Sindh Province of Pakistan
Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Aijaz Hussain Soomro and Aijaz A. Khooharo

Perception of the Extension Agents Regarding Information Sources of Sustainable Agriculture in Sindh Province of Pakistan
Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Shuhabuddin Mughal and Mahvish Jabeen Channa

Performance of some Promising Genotypes of Soybean Under Different Planting Dates Using Biplots Analysis
A.A. Kandil, A.E. Sharief, A.R. Morsy and A.I. Manar El-Sayed

Effect of Packing System, Calcium Chloride and Chlorine on the Storage Life of Strawberry Fruits (Fragaria ananassa cv. Kordistan)
Fatemeh Mozhdehi, Vahid Abdossi and Sepideh Kalatejari

Impact of Release Intervals and Densities of Trichogramma chilonis (Ishii) (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) Against the Sugarcane Stem Borer, Chilo infuscatellus (Lepidoptera; Pyralidae) under Field Conditions
Raza Muhammad, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Nazia Suleman, Nazir Ahmad and Qadeer Ahmad

Germination and Seedling Growth of Some Chickpea Cultivars (Cicer arietinum L.) under Salinity Stress
A.A. Kandil, A.E. Sharief and S.R.H. Ahmed

Germination and Seedling Characters of Different Wheat Cultivars under Salinity Stress
A.A. Kandil, A.E. Sharief and M.A. Elokda

Effect of Some Micronutrients on Damage Compensation and Yield Parameters in Okra
Syed Shahzad Ali, Wazhar Ali Pusio, Huma Rizwana, S. Shahbaz Ali, Shifarash Ghouri and S. Sohail Ahmad

Effect of Different Photo Periods on the Biological Parameters of Chrysoperla carnea under Laboratory Conditions
Qadeer Ahmed, Raza Muhammad, Nazir Ahmad, Javed Ahmed, Shahnaz Naz, Hayder Ali and Nazia Suleman

Effect of Application of Plant Growth Regulators on Earias vittella (Fabricius), Infestation and Yield Components of Cotton
S. Shahzad Ali, G.H. Abro, M.A. Rustamani and Shafi Mohammad Nizamani

Effect of Different Infestation Levels of Chilo Infuscatellus (Snellen) on Quantity and Quality Parameters of Sugarcane
Raza Muhammad, Maqsood Anwar Rustamani, Nazir Ahmad and Qadeer Ahmad


Insecticidal Efficiency of Intergeneric Recombinants between Bacillus thuringiensis and Bacillus subtilis Against Viability of Cotton Leafworm
Saad A. Alotaibi


Effects of Lead Acetate on Morphology of Musca domestica L. (Muscidae: Dipptera)
Rizwanul Haq, M.farhan Ullah Khan and Ehtesham ul Haq

Heavy Protein Alteration under the Effects of Lead Acetate in Bactrocera cucurbitae
Rizwanul Haq, M. Farhanullah Khan and Ehteshamul Haq

Hazardous Effects of Lead Acetate on Heavy Proteins of Bactrocera zonata
Rizwan ul Haq

The Palliative Effect of Bio-Organic Fertilizer on Lead Pollution in Lycopersicum esculentum Plants
Mona M. Abdalla and Nada El-Khoshiba


Immobilization of Leuconostoc-paramesenteroides Dextransucrase Enzyme and Characterization of its Enzyme Properties
Amal M. Hashem, Mona A. El-Refaei, Hasan M. Gebril and Ahmed F. Abdel-Fattah

Pilot Plant Study to Utilize Waste Brine Generated by Salt Industries
Farhan Ullah Khan*, Majid Mumtaz and Tehseen Ahmed

Pollutants of Wastewater Characteristics in Textile Industries
S.M. Imtiazuddin, Majid Mumtaz and Khalil A. Mallick

Computer Sciences

Evaluation of Basic Data Compression Algorithms in a Distributed Environment
Minhaj Ahmad Khan

Fragmentation Analysis For Scalable Wireless Local Area Networks
Minhaj Ahmad Khan

Engineering Technologies

Experimental Study on the Morphology of Keratin Based Material for Asbestos Free Brake Pad
O.S. Olokode, S.O. Fakolujo, P.O. Aiyedun, Z.O. Jaji, F.T. Owoeye and B.U. Anyanwu

Effects of Carburizing Process Variables on Mechanical and Chemical Properties of Carburized Mild Steel
A. Oyetunji and S.O. Adeosun

Environmental Sciences

Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Colonization in Five Tropical Forest Tree Legumes of Chittagong University Campus in Bangladesh
Nure Ferdousee, Khaled Misbahuzzaman and A.T.M. Rafiqul Hoque

Lead Pollution Measurement Along National Highway and Motorway in Punjab, Pakistan
Hashim Farooq, Yasir Jamil, Muhammad Raza Ahmad, Muhammad Afzal Ahmad Khan, Tahir Mahmood, Zeeshan Mahmood, Zia-ul-Haq and Shakeel Ahmad Khan

Investigating the Influence of Cosmic Rays on Ozone Layer Depletion at Beijing, China
Bulbul Jan and M. Ayub Khan Yousuf Zai

Dosimetry Characterization of Unknown Dye Polyvinyl Alcohol Films
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Noureen Kousar, Naseem Akhtar, Taqmeem Hussain, Mariam Saeed Awan, Arfa Mubashir, Bushra Bashir and Asif Javed

Near and Intermediate Field Evolution of A Negatively Buoyant Jet
Raed Bashitialshaaer and Kenneth M. Persson

Atmospheric Metal Constituent, Concentration and Health Impacts in the Urban Environment of Faisalabad (Pakistan)
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain and Maryam Saeed Awan

Micro Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design Integrated with Wind Accelerating Techniques
Abdul Latif Maghanhar, Saleem Raza Samo and Altaf Hussain Rajpar

Effect of Heavy Metal Pollution on Leaf Litter Decomposition of Two Species of Mangroves, Avicennia marina and Rhizophora mucronata
Waqar Ahmed and S. Shahid Shaukat

Food Sciences

Effect of Hot Water Treatment on the Chemical, Sensorial Properties and Ripening Quality of Chaunsa Mango (Mangifera indica L.)
Muhammad Shahnawaz, Saghir Ahmed Sheikh, Aasia Akbar Panwar, Shahzor Gul Khaskheli and Fahad Ahmed Awan


Screening and Characterization of Luminescent Bacterial Strain
Uzma Badar, Erum Shoeb, Komal Daredia, Durr-e-Shawar, Jameela Akhtar and Maqsood A. Ansari


A Validation of the Real Zeros of the Riemann Zeta Function via the Continuation Formula of the Zeta Function
O.O.A. Enoch and F.J. Adeyeye

Some New Exact Solutions for Prescribed Vorticity Distribution of Couple Stress Fluids in the Presence of Unknown Body Force
Rana Khalid Naeem

Study of Arabian Seawater Temperature Fluctuations
M. Arif Hussain, Shaheen Abbas, M. Rashid Kamal Ansari and Asma Zaffar

On the Spectral Expansions Connected with Schrödinger’s Operator of Continuous Functions in a Closed Domain
Abdumalik A. Rakhimov, Kamran Zakaria and Nazir Ali Khan

Exponential Sum Modeling of Reswick and Rogers Pressure-Duration Curve: A New Analysis and Model
Oscar A. Linares, Darko Stefanovski and Raymond C. Boston

Medical Sciences

Effect of Pesticide Residues on Health and Different Enzyme Levels in the Milk of Women from Karachi-Pakistan
Uzma Mehboob, Mohammad Ahmed Azmi, Mohammad Arshad Azmi and Syed Naeem ul Hasan Naqvi

A Comparative Study of the Antihypertensive Agents on Serum Liver Enzymes ALT, AST and ALP of Hypertensive and cardiac Patients
Aisha Javaid, Ruqaiya Hasan, Aisha Zohra and Zahir Hussain

Use of Distally Based Sural Artery Flap to Manage the Soft Tissue Defects of Lower Tibia and Ankle
Saeed Samo, Zulfiqar Soomro and Zamir Soomro

In Vitro Comparative Study on Antiherpetic Effect of Chlorhexidine and Persica Mouthwashes with Acyclovir
Sara Pourshahidi, Fahimeh Rezazadeh, Mohammad Motamedifar, Mahdi Davarmanesh, Hooman Ebrahimi and Abbas Alipour

Surgical Management of Congenital TEV in Children at PMC Hospital Nawabshah
Saeed Samo, Zulfiqar Soomro, Zamir Soomro and Mehtab Pirwani

Management of Injuries of Tendon Achilles at NMC Hospital NawabShah
Saeed Samo, Zulfiqar Soomro, Zamir Soomro and Mehtab Pirwani

Frequency of Vitamin B12 and Red Cell Folate Deficiency in Macrocytic Anaemia
Tanweer Ahmed, A. Sabeen Rahman, Shaista Ahmed, Afshan Siddiqui, Aisha Javed, Jawed Kamal and Laeeq Ahmed


Radiolytic Reduction of Aqueous Solutions of a Commercial Reactive Dye in the Range 0-100KGY by CO60Gamma Radiation Source
Taqmeem Hussain, Muhammad Shahbaz, Inam-ul-Haq and Hashim Farooq

Radiolysis of Commercial Dyes in Aqueous Solutions to Produce Dosimeters for Gamma Dosimetry
Taqmeem Hussain, Muhammad Yousuf Hussain, Muhammad Shahbaz, Inam-ul-Haq, Hashim Farooq and Shaukat Ali

The Effect of Grain Size on Radon Exhalation Rate in Soil Samples of Dera Ismail Khan in Pakistan
Tabassum Nasir and Nisar Ahmad

Dosimetric Characteristics of Aqueous Solutions of Sandalfix Red Dye for Gamma Dosimetry
Taqmeem Hussain, Muhammad Shahbaz, Inam-ul-Haq, Hashim Farooq, Nasir Amin and Yasir Jamil

Troubleshooting Techniques of Complex Multi-Layered PCBs
Mirza Salman Baig and Ambreen Insaf

Gamma Dosimetric Response of Sandalfix Golden Yellow CRL Dye Solutions for Gamma Dosimetry Using Cs137 in the Range 0-1KGy
Muhammad Yousuf Hussain, Taqmeem Hussain, Irfan Toqeer, Nasim Akhtar, Inam-ul-Haq and Hashim Farooq

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Solid Aerosols Generated from Different Industries of Faisalabad
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain and Maryam Saeed Awan

Measurement of Annual Effective Doses of Radon from Drinking Water and Dwellings by CR-39 Track Detectors in Kulachi City of Pakistan
Tabassum Nasir and Mujtaba Shah

Long Term Wind Trends Analysis of Coastal Belt of Pakistan
Zeeshan Alam Nayyar, Nayyer Alam Zaigham and Abdul Qadeer

Seasonal Variations and Characterization of Solid Aerosols Related to Faisalabad (Pakistan) Environment
Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Khadim Hussain and Mariam Saeed Awan

Gamma Radiation Effect on Commercial Reactive Dye in the Range 0-100KGy Using the Idea of the De-Coloration Factor and Extinction Coefficient
Taqmeem Hussain, Muhammad Attique Khan Shahid, Muhammad Shahbaz, Inam-ul-Haq and Hashim Farooq

Structural and Dielectric Properties of Manganese Ferrite Nanoparticles
Hashim Farooq, Muhammad Raza Ahmad, Yasir Jamil, Abdul Hafeez, Zeeshan Mahmood and Tahir Mahmood

Dosimetric Evaluation and Verification of External Beam 3-D Treatment Plans in Humanoid Phantom Using Thermoluminescent Dosimeters (TLDs)
Rizwana Siddique, Zaheer Uddin and Muzaffar Hussain


Poisson Regression Models for Count Data: Use in the Number of Deaths in the Santo Angelo (Brazil)
Suzana Russo, Diego Flender and Gabriel Francisco da Silva

The Bi-Gamma ROC Curve in a Straightforward Manner
Ehtesham Hussain

Exploration of Multiple Intelligence by Using Latent Class Model
Shaista Ismat and Junaid Sagir Sidiqui

Veterinary Science

Circulating Thyroid Hormones and Indices of Energy and Lipid Metabolism in Normal and Hormonally Induced Oestrus Cows
Mehdi Mohebbi-Fani, Saeed Nazifi, Somayeh Bahrami and Omid Jamshidi

Seroprevalence of Avian H9N2 Influenza Virus in a Population of Iranian Domestic Dogs
Mohammad Abbaszadeh Hasiri, Saeed Nazifi, Elham Mohsenifard and Maryam Ansari-Lari

Morphological Study and Determination of M/E Ratio in the Bone Marrow of the Male Adult Ostriches (Struthio camelus)
Mina Tadjalli, Saeed Nazifi, Behrokh Marzban and Banafsheh Majidi


Toxic Effects Observed on Light Weight Proteins of Musca domestica with Pb(CH3COO)2
Rizwanul Haq, Ehteshamul Haq and M. Farhanullah Khan

Heavy Weight Protein Affected by Lead Acetate in Bactrocera dorsalis
Rizwanul Haq, M. Farhanullah Khan and Ehteshamul Haq

Comparative Toxic Effects of Methamidophos and Cypermethrin on Cholinesterase Enzyme of Callosobruchus analis
Nighat Gul, M. Farhanullah Khan, Afaq Ahmad Siddiqui and M. Arshad Azmi

Effect of Parasitic Infection on Glucose and Lipase of Host Pigeon (Columba livia) Tissues
Shazia Nisar, M. Farhanullah Khan and M. Arshad Azmi